The August Quiz


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A Grand Prix in August? Not this year. So here's a few historical things from the 8th month.

1. In the wake of Niki Lauda's near-fatal accident at the Nurburgring, which driver withdrew from the race then quit F1?

Chris Amon

2. Denny Hulme lead home a Brabham one-two at the 1967 German GP. Who were the first drivers to score a one-two for Brabham which included neither Hulme or Jack?

1974. USA. Carlos Reutemann won from Carlos Pace.

3. The 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix saw a Brazilian one-two for Piquet and Senna. Who was third?

Alain Prost

4. Ronnie Peterson's final win at Austria in 1978 marked the first podium of which other driver?

Gilles Villeneuve

5. The 1952 Dutch Grand Prix saw a Ferrari one-two-three. Other than Indy500 winners Kurtis Kraft, who would be the next different constructor to take a one-two-three?

Mercedes at Aintree in 1955

6. What is Nico Hulkenburg's best race finish?

5th at the 2012 European GP

7. Juan Manuel Fangio led every lap of the 1954 Swiss Grand Prix, something he achieved 5 times in his career. Which driver has lead every lap of the race more often than any other?

Ayrton Senna with 19

8. Ken Tyrrell died in August 2001. How many different drivers won a race for his eponymous marque?

5 - Stewart, Cevert, Scheckter, Depailler and Alboreto

9. 27th August is the birthday of Mark Webber, Gerhard Berger and Derek Warwick. How many cumulative laps did they lead in their careers?

542 + 748 + 16 = 1306.

A full point for answer between 1200 and 1399 inclusive.
Half a point for an answer between 1100 and 1499 (that doesn't get a full point, obvs)
Quarter point for an answer between 1000 and 1599.

10. The only Grand Prix on 31 August was the 1980 Dutch Grand Prix. Which future World Champion did not qualify in 28th and less.

Keke Rosberg of Fittipaldi.
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