Pre-Season Testing starts soon

The FIA and Ecclestone have been clamping down on testing lap times being made public. With only headline times we - the fans - learn next to nothing about how competitive the cars are. :(
Is this part of Bernie's plan to make the sport more interesting? Tell them nothing, keep them guessing. sort of thing.
Since RB was the only team to push the Mercs last year, I, for one,WOULD consider it
"bad news" if they haven't closed the performance gap.
The only thing that will really matter is whether the other engine manufacturers have reduced the huge power advantage of the Mercs. If not, the season will be no more competitive than last year was, no matter what the chassis builders do.

Other phrases include
  • "We won't really know until Q3 in Melbourne"
  • "But they're looking good on long-run pace"
  • "I think they're going for a glory run to attract sponsorship"
  • "They look quick but fragile"
  • "Its a worrying sign when they get the flo-viz paint out at this stage"
  • "It could be a difficult year for [Lewis/Fernando/Sebastian/Danny] as he crashes out..."
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