Switzerland Quiz


Hans Heyer
They have more F1 heritage than you may think.

1. What was the fastest ever lap at bremgarten?

2.39.7 by Fangio, 1 for within two seconds. 1/2 for within 5.

2. Since 1934 who has won the most Swiss GP's?

Caracciola with three

3. In 1939 Bramgaren was part of the European Championship, why was this year strange?

The points system was never agreed on, Lang and Muller both had claims to the title.

4. What was unusual about who came in 4th in 1950 Swiss GP?

He was the prince of Siam

5. 1951 was Moss's first race, where did he come?


6. 10 countries have hosted the first race of the year. For 1/10 each

Britain, Switzerland (if you didn't get this then minus millions of points), Argentina, Brazil, Monaco, Holland, South Africa, USA (West), Australlia, Bahrain

7. Before Buemi who was the last Swiss F1 racer?

Jean-Denis Délétraz in 1995

8/9/10. Okay I've run out of question, maybe the Swiss are a tad dull, but name the drivers who have scored the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most points for their country. Point for each.

Reggazonni - 209
Siffert - 68
Surer - 17

Yeah Ok maybe there a little less interesting than I made out at the start, but not bad for a country with only 5 wins, and 5 (6) Grand Prix
You've only listed 9 places for the opening races question.

I believe the other one is

If that is correct it is 1 and 9 tenths, if it is not then obvs 1 and 8 tenths.
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