So, you want to go to Mars..?


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It's the astrological question of our age.

From "The War of the Worlds" to "Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles", the question has been asked, what is Mars really like?

Well, now you can find out! Or at least your name can!

Click here on this link >> << and you can send your name
to Mars in 2011 !!

I've done it and I've even viewed and printed my certificate to prove it!! LOL

So, go on, and join the exodus of names on the journey on to Mars..!!

This sounds to me like NASA has come to an agreement with the Martians to provide names of some sacrificial humans in an attempt to stop an all-out invasion.

Ah bugger it, name added :D
Let's just hope that all the relevent centres hook up with each other and they all use either metric or imperial not a mixture of the two this time !!!

That's me and the wife signed up LOL
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