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As much as I love Johnny Herbert (his autobiography "What doesn't kill you..... Is absolutely brilliant) this announcement barely gets to 0.1 on my give a flying **** meter.
Johnny Herbert, he had a good opinion & had a comedic element. but agreed he wasnt never the top pundits

but my main 1, is im delighted Paul di resta has gone. as i rarely dislike anyone on tv. probably only Jonathan Legard on that list before 2021. but during that season Paul di resta really boiled my piss. he was defending the indefensible multiple times with verstappen. Brazil comes to mind. it was so ridiculous thought i had accidentally tuned into Dutch tv.
PositionPersonTeamPercentage of content featured in during 2022
1Christian HornerRed Bull33.7%
2Toto WolffMercedes18.2%
3Guenther SteinerHaas7.9%

Anyone else think the figure for Horner is roughly 33.7 percent too high?
far too high, but ive always wonder if its a marriage of convenice or something because im sure barring the mexican issue, when not many people realised a difference. why he is on after every FP1 session
He's on after every FP1 session as he makes himself available. Red Bull exists through marketing and advertising, no one in their right mind would drink that rubbish if it wasn't all over a multitude of sports and advertised through every possible channel they can use.

As a PR machine Red Bull is exceptional. Other teams could learn from them, although some may not want to same level of intrusion. Horner is also very good at controlling any bad stories about the drivers and the team and spinning them to the best outcome for RB. By putting himself up for questioning they aren't chasing Max or Sergio around the paddock, or quoting "a source at Red Bull".
To be fair to Horner, he has been very successful, despite being in my opinion quite difficult to like. He does what is best for the team, and does it well

I personally would prefer less of him smarming up Sunday afternoons, but F1 needs it's bad guy I guess
this is fasinating interview with the new recruit bernie collins. getting rid of paul di resta & johnny herbert for her for me. big thumbs up

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