Schumacher Injured

News is sketchy. He's in hospital in Grenoble with what is described by what news we're getting as a serious head injury. Sky News say it is is unknown as to whether or not he was on or off Piste and it's said he was skiing alone not far from his chalet.
German media have confusing reports. Some say minor injuries, some say major. Apparently he crashed into some kind of rock
Update: Nothing really new about his condition. A "leading French neurologist" has arrived at the hospital and MS is under constant observation undergoing periodic scans.

For the record I didn't like some of his antics on track but off track he's always been a decent bloke so I wish him well. Let's hope his care is as good as the swift and professional action exhibited by the folk's who rescued him and got him to the hospital.
Sky News reporting just now that MS is in critical condition :(

Edit: BBC reporting same, saying info' is coming from the hospital.
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Is it a similar kind of head injury to Massa in 2009?

Just reading the BBC was struck by some similarities - not that I think racing drivers all suffer similar injuries.
None of the reports have given any precise detail on the exact nature of the injury. The consequences vary so much depending on what areas of the skull and brain have been struck and damaged. To complicate matters parts of the brain can be damaged by it's being shaken around in the skull so it's unlikely we will hear anything with any certainty for quite some time. Some types of injury, such as weakening of blood vessels, can lie undetected for days, weeks, even years.

Obviously we should hope for the best but it is a concern that his condition is apparently not stable. My hopes and best wishes go out to him, his family and friends.

Edit: BBC now report that an official statement from the hospital in Grenoble that he was in a coma on admission and that he has undergone some preliminary surgery. He is still in a coma and in critical condition.
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