Ron Dennis to quit


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Well it was rumoured for a while but Ron Dennis has finally announced his intention to quit.

"It's time for Martin to take over. It is 100% my decision - this is a job he will embrace and from now most race-day decisions will be his," said Dennis.

"This is the right time for this decision. But don't see this as some sort of retirement because it is the exact opposite.

It will be strange Not having RD as the boss with him having been there for over 25 years.
With Lewis Hamilton defending his WDC title, is this the best time to hand over the running to Martin Whitmarsh?

More on the story here: Dennis to quit as McLaren F1 boss
I just wonder what his motives are in quitting. Perhaps he is wanting to concentrate on strengthening Mclaren's position within FOTA. Perhaps he sees this as a necessary stepping stone to a high position within the FIA. Or perhaps he just wants to be less hands on at Mclaren. I have no doubt Martin Whitmarsh will do a good job for Mclaren, though.
I have a vague recollection of an article in Grand Prix International (or similar) either at the end of the 80's or beginning of the 90's where Ron stated he had "5 more agressive years". You have to say that he has had these and then some and his record as a team principal must be very close to the top of the tree. Martin Whitmarsh seems to have the same controlled manner as Ron but he does smile a bit more often.

Let's hope this starts a new era of relations between McLaren and the FIA.
World Championships won by Team Principal

Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari 1950-1988)9817
Ron Dennis (McLaren 1981-2008)10717
Frank Williams (Williams 1978-Present)7916
Colin Chapman (Lotus 1958-1982)6713
Jean Todt (Ferrari 1993-2007)6713
Flavio Briatore (Benetton 1989-1996 and 2000; Renault 2001-Present)437
Ken Tyrrell (Tyrrell 1969-1998)314
Jack Brabham (Brabham 1962-1970)224
John Cooper (Cooper 1950-1969)224
[td]Principal Name[/td][td]Drivers' Titles[/td][td]Constructors' Titles[/td][td]Total[/td]
Nice one GM.

I think that neatly sums up Ron's role in F1 over the years.
Love him or loathe him he did get the results, just maybe not quite as many as he should have... ;)
Agree Brogan, that table does not take into account the 2007 d├ębacle, although it is a possible opinion that Ron caused that whole collapse. (I would say it was caused by Nigel Stepney & Fernando Alonso myself.) Either way, it'll be strange without Ron's happy-go-lucky attitude(!). I wonder if this will also mean the end of McLaren's Britain/Finland driver recruitment policy. (They've dabbled in Spain and Colombia - and if Alonso and Montoya are typical it won't happen again!)
best moment to leave, isn't it? just before the launch of the new car and way ahead of the first race so the new guy gets the right spotlight from day 1. ferrari did stumble a bit without jean todt. lets hope it will be different for mclaren.
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