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from german tv i understand kimi's management this morning had a talk of almost 2 hours with ross brawn and the brawn team.

maybe we will see nando going to ferarri after all...
That would give Ross Brawn a dilema; who would be the team's whipping boy if Barrichello goes?
It seems every week there's a new rumour about Ferrari/Kimi/Alonso.

Personally if I was Ross Brawn I'm not sure I'd be looking to sign Kimi.
I agree with Bro, although Kimi does seem to be more of a team player than a lot of the drivers out there, I would have thought he was more of a replacement for Jenson than Rubens and all the messages seem to imply that Jenson is wanted and wants to stay.

I would have thought Brawn would have been more in the market for Sutil or summat.... but then, that mu opinion, which is right as often as there are fingers on Captain Hook's left hand!
I suppose the other possibility is that Button is already going elsewhere for 2010??? He doesn't have a signed contract beyond the end of this season at Brawn (As far as we know). Who knows, maybe it will be Button in a Ferrari in 2010? Certainly, I couldn't see him moving to McLaren as LH's team mate......
I love the speculatuion there Artist, how to go from Kimi maybe/possibly having a chat with Ross, to Jenson going to Ferrari.. rofl

Ferrari is not the right place for Jense, anyway, isn't Aloonso supposed to be maybe/possibly/dead cert going there? :snigger:
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