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David Coulthard, is that really the best we can do?
that is 1 of annoying parts of GB is that we sent dreadful people to the race of champions, i remember a few years ago. germany had schumacher & vettel. Nordic had we had Coulthard & priaiux. :rolleyes: but we had button in 2015 & 2017, also Lando in 2018


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It's been a load of old **** for years.
Champions of what?
Money-spinning low-audience misnomer of nonsense.
current champions yes there are very few. so its not what it was or what it advertises

but if your talking career wise, there some former drivers with great history
Vettel - 4x world champion
Mick Schumacher - F2 & F3 Champion
Hakkinen - 2x world champion
Castroneves - 4x indy 500 winner & 2x daytona 24 hr winner
Johnson - 7x Nascar Champion
Loeb - 9x WRC champ & X Games gold medallist
Auriol - 1994 WRC champion
Kristofferson - 2x scandnavian touring car champion, 3 world Rallycross champion & reigning Extreme E champion
Tom Kristensen - 9x Le Mans 24 winner, 2013 WEC champ,
Petter Solberg - 2003 WRC champ & 2x World Rallycross champion
Timmy Hansen - 2019 World Rallycross champion
Mattias Exstrom - 2x DTM Champion. 2016 World Rallycross champion
David Coulthard - 2018 race of champions champion
jamie Chadwick - 2x Reigning W series champion


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Wait a second, I stand corrected, it's a wide list of Champions of major Motorsport series and the 1989 P & O Ferries British Formula Ford 1600 Junior Champion.

Wow, think I'm heading straight to the Ticketmaster website now ......

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