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I looked up to see if there was any chance of watching this, apparently not unless you have Sky. Oh well. I'll just read about after I suppose like other years.


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I'd rather watch a debate on Brexit and that's saying something.

Making SIM racers race cars is like taking the world subuteo champion and playing them up front for Barcelona. Also - David Coulthard? Champions? Oxymoron.


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David Coulthard

although i agree that surely we have better drivers than coulthard & priaulx that turn up every yr but he is a 3 time finalist. 2 time & reigning champion of race of champions & sim racers for race of champions are box tickers for the organisers. easy to make up the numbers & gets publicity. as they must have problems because we have 3 Mexican teams & sergio perez isnt 1 of them

i like it is good fun, not really serious but you get see new guard v old guard & some unknowns in identical cars


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Plus the Saturday one ends at 2am.



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yeah I saw it last night it was very good, an entertaining track, very technical, I liked seeing the various drivers in various cars. sim racer, EROC champ Bonito beating Lucas Di Grassi. mick Schumacher looked impressive made the final again, he was the 1 with pressure after Vettel lost to Kristensen in the final. came back whitewashed Kristofferson. but came up just short v 9 time le mans champion

I think ive seen a potential world beater last night as well. Patricio o'ward very good talent performed very well part of only Mexican team to progress out of the group knocking out france of Gasly & duval. he also was only 0.09 away from defeating Kristofferson in a rallycross car that Kristofferson had won the last 2 titles in. equlivant of asking a young touring car driver can you just compete v Hamilton in identical 2018 mercedes. looking at his 2017 & 2018 results in Lmp2 class of what I believe is old ALMS. he won 7 of 8 rounds finished 3rd in other. then won F2 version of IndyCar with 17 races winning 10 getting on podium 13times. then on his IndyCar debut at the finale put it 5th on the grid

& seeing this took some getting used to LOL


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ill agree the race of champions should never have left stade de france as it got huge crowds & that has never happened since. but its great fun, in preseason type way & it has 1 of its strongest line up there's been, as i reminded myself you can uncover a hidden gem. like Patricio o'ward in 2019

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I wonder if the Rally guys will have an advantage on ice?

To be fair, there are a few big names in there. I do think that Tom Kristensen is now as famous for ROC as anything he did in sports cars!!
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