Race of Champions

Perhaps he liked the look on the snazzy little fire extinguisher that comes with the car and thought, "I'd like to try that out!".
He didn't quite set the world car alight though... :D
FB said:
Kovi getting it all wrong at the RoC.

Ouch! Those were solid concrete Blocks too!

How much power does that R8 have. Accident waiting to happen?, Tiny track inside a staduim, Temporary surface witch persumably has little grip. Don't think i would of enjoyed trying to hurl that thing round such a small track.

Also, Is it just me that thinks the ROc lost something when it went all high brow? I always prefered the good old days when they used to go round the Gran Caneria
In Kovi's defence, he reported that the throttle was stuck open. Maybe that was why he dived into the concrete blocks, instead of the wall. Another thing to consider is that he broke his rear right suspension after clipping the wall, hence veering left. I'll try and find the report on this.
Ouch indeed! Luckily that guy behind the wall was OK. It looked like a damaged right rear caused it to veer left. If you go to the head on angle at 1:04 you can maybe see it although it isn't all that conclusive.
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