Caption Competition  Part V - This time it's Webber

Sorry been on Holiday. Ok vote for you fave caption..... 5 days to pick your winner. C_A_T

  • See guys, I've been practising ALL week, I'm just waiting for Strictly Come Dancing to give me a cal

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  • Mark Webber tests out the new pit lane toilet.

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  • feeling tyred but looking wired webber decides to practice his thunderbirds audition moves.

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  • Mark Webber, as always the team player, gets ready to catch David Coulthards chin.

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  • Ever the innovators, Red Bull search for new ways to scrub their tyres

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  • These aircraft tires are much bigger than I thought commented the newly crowned Mr F1 Midget, Mark W

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  • Mark Webber tries to explain his enormous skid marks to the rest of the team...

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Dear all. As the proud winner of the last caption comp it is my pleasure to post this picture on the board for you.

So place your best caption against this picture. The comp will run for a week or so or until we are all bored of it.

Good Luck




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