Poll Out of ten - 2014 Singapore GP

Well, what did you think? 1 is crap and 10 is brilliant.

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6 from me, intriguing rather than exhilarating plus a good result for the championship to make the rest of the season a fight on equal terms.

Also, Singapore generally doesn't provide the best races but I would like to say it absolutely deserves its place on the calendar. The setting is stunning, the support is fantastic and it's one of the most difficult races for the drivers. One of F1's modern successes in my opinion.
Ruined before it started followed by a mainly processionary race followed by a safety car to spice it up but the spices seemed to have gone off all on a lousy circuit. An overgenerous 5.
A 7 from me. A low score given for the season so far - boring for the first half, not much 'action', but perked up a bit after the SC.

Disappointed for Rosberg and Nando, thought he might do it this time.

But has certainly spiced up the WDC!
A 3 from me, the only time there was any doubt as to who would win was that short period after the SC and before Hamilton go a second faster in sector 1. It took until the very end of the race before the likes of Perez and Vergne started the get their elbows out, and make up ground, but the preceding 55 laps of that race were quite dull
Because Lewis won I feel like a 10, for the middle of the race I should deduct 5, for being robbed of a classic dual by a mechanical failure I should deduct 5. So there are no points for this GP!
Seven. A bit anti-climactic on a couple of occasions. Hate to see anybody have a problem like Rosberg. Very cruel.

Incredible stint by Hamilton and in the end he made it look easy. I'm glad he had to earn this one a bit after being gifted a free run early.

Just an absurd SC period. And they never even showed what was going on with the cleanup efforts. This might have been a pretty dire affair without that Safety Car wild card however.
6. Pretty much a foregone conclusion even before the race had even started what the result would be as regards who would win. The way that Jean Eric Vergne came through at the end of the race made for quite an exciting finish.

Just one more demonstration of Mercedes superiority.

As I said months ago, this year's WDC is meaningless, given the superiority of the car.
I gave it a 7. Although the result was predictable, the race was not. Nicos troubles were a surprise and tightened up the championship battle, Alonso looked like he had a shot at 2nd, Lewis' win was far from assured during the last part of the race and there were a bunch of brave overtakes throughout the field.
75% of the race was as dull as dishwater. A fraught start with Nico's problems and frantic fisticuffs for positions off the line and for the first couple of laps was promising, only to be followed by a procession. Some brief tension on the restart after the SC and dull again until the good stuff in the final third. Some great drives as well as Hamilton's and a result that bodes well for the final handful of races.

So, as a race it gets a pitiful 5 from me as I very nearly gave up on it. that is always bad.

As for the rest of the season I can see Mercedes have a problem. Red Bull, and possibly the Ferrari in Alonso's hands, are catching up and piling on the pressure for Mercedes to keep developing the car. Should they now concentrate on ensuring reliability to ensure finishes whilst not necessarily getting wins? Do they keep pushing the performance envelope to ensure wins but sacrifice a finish or two? Can they do a bit of both performance and reliability improvement?

I guess the direction now will depend on the mathematics. Personally, I would prefer to see them sacrifice performance gains for reliability. That would mean that the rest of the season should give us the head to head between Lewis and Nico with the added bonus of Ricciardo, Alonso and Vettel right up there stirring the whole pot. Yum, yum.
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