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2014 Chinese Grand Prix out of ten

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I watched the whole race, although I am not sure why. In terms of significance, I think that despite the current standings, it is now a long way back for Nico, I hope he can, as otherwise this will be a very one horse race for the championship.
The race was dull 3. But lewis won +2 and Vettel was passed by a Caterham ROFL +1 and Ferrari beat the Red Bulls fair and square +1 and Danny Beat Seb +1 but Mclaren had a shocker -1 and Williams still not as high as I had hoped -1

So a 6.
I'm giving it a 6. It wasn't a particularly exciting race but there was some interest with Rosberg fighting his way back through, Vettel getting his grump on and Alonso somehow fending off the Red Bulls.
4. First half seemed to be setting up for a good ending but was slightly anti-climactic. Especially as bloody Maldonado held up Ricciardo to cost him a second and he subsequently lost momentum when he was catching Alonso. He may not have overtaken him but he would have given him a challenge at least. And Rosberg just swanned past Fernando too :(

I suppose it was always going to be a pretty stale race in comparison to Bahrain though.
Dull race.. nothing to do with Merc dominating, the circuit is just shit. Surprised I did not fall asleep. 4 for me.
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I'm living in America now and watched the race on NBC Sports Network (for the first time). So I got up at 3am and watched 8 x 3 minute advert breaks in the space of an hour and a half. There might have been a race on but it was hard to tell. NBC seemed more interested in promoting their next live Sports event. I really don't get it... Your viewers tune in to watch one live event but instead of showing them that, you spend a third of the time telling them about the next live event they could watch. Wierd.

Some of breaks (five I think) had a small picture in picture showing the action, but it's really not enough. The commentators were ok, although I missed Crofty's excitement. It might have been more but for these fundamentals, so a 3 from me :(
When I was watching the race, I blamed the qualifying format.

The current F1 qualifying format is designed to create upsets. Their logic is - wouldn't it be exciting if the cars are in the wrong order, and fast cars have to get round slower ones to win. Creates overtaking.

The problem with this logic is that it is much more fun to see Hamilton and Rosberg racing, than to see Rosberg passing Vettel and Alonso. I think if you want exciting wheel to wheel racing, then you need people to line up alongside cars with whom they are closely matched.

The older F1 format where you had 60 minutes to set fastest lap with unlimited tires was a much better way of keeping the cars in the right order. We should revert to that. Remember when we could be assured of a tight race between Damon and Michael? We need more of that.

Also the points system also needs fixing. Imagine if the championship ended today? The less deserving driver would win the championship. We have a points system which rewards luck more than a system which rewards talent. It should be 2.5 races to recover from a DNF. Not 3.6 races.
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I gave it a 6. Far from a classic, but a few interesting battles and a good result fo LH. I do find it bizarre though that after three wins out of four races and having beaten his teammate in every race they've both finished, he still finds himself behind him in the points.
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