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2014 Chinese Grand Prix out of ten

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I gave it a 9. I enjoyed the resurgence of Ferrari (in 'Nando's hands) and the duel between the Bulls was nice. I was initially grumpy about Seb disobeying team orders as he just gets under my skin. However, after a lap of contemplation I knew it was a good thing. It added drama and just because I don't care for him, doesn't mean I can have double standards (loved Massa sticking it to Williams). Rosberg didn't have it all his way but drove very well to get a great result.

Vettel getting passed by a Caterham had shades of 'Nando getting passed by a Super Aguri.

I would like to see some split screen action during the replays of the start. I couldn't care less about seeing the start from three different angles and five different cars. I would understand if we were researching an incident or a contentious overtake, but rewatching any and all starts just for the sake of it is just dull.

This race didn't have the same impact as Bahrain, but it was still enjoyable. The other teams still have a long way to go before they challenge Mercedes. Ferrari were very impressive. Poor Domenicali, one race too late for his career.


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A soft 6 ... cool weather ruled a lot of potential over-taking for mine ... graining ...

Tip of the Hat to Lewis .... an imperious DOMINANT performance ... and to Fernando for making the most of a superb start and driving the wheels off the car ... and to Nico who still leads the WDC ...


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As I am not a fan of any of the current drivers, I expect races to earn their points thru head-to-head competition. With the Mercs being the most dominant cars I have seen, at least since Button's WDC and perhaps even in decades it makes for very dull races. I don't even see how a driver's fans can be satisfied as essentially each of the pair is only racing effectively one another.

It earned a 3.


I gave it a 3 because that's this years championship ****ed up I don't think I can stomach watching 15 more races of Mercedes coming first and second in either driver order, I don't give a shit which one of them wins, so I'll just look forward to next year and hopefully more parity between the teams in terms of performance and better racing...

****ing great isn't it four races in and the championship is already over, maybe Bernie could bring in 10 x the points for the last three races to make it worth watching...

What a load of old shite....

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If the FIA removed the limitations on engine revs, engine homologation and fuel flow rate there would be more chance of other teams competing with Mercedes.

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Just a thought:
Why do people get so worked up about races being 'boring', as if every single race must be edge-of-seat, nerve-jangling excitement with 285 'overtakes' per lap and the championship never decided until the last corner of the last lap of the last race, as if that's the minimum that's required to keep their interest in the sport alive?
As does every sport, Formula 1 will always ebb and flow. Many people were bandying about phrases like 'classic' and 'race of the decade' about the previous race (yes that's right, just one race ago).

Personally, as a fan of Lewis Hamilton I wouldn't mind if all the remaining races were as 'dull' as yesterday if they turned out the same way, although I appreciate that a great many will think differently. And I somehow doubt he will have it all his own way anyway. The Red Bulls are likely to continue to catch up in performance, and even the Ferraris (well, one of them anyway) in the right conditions could yet mount a challenge for a race win. Even if they don't, the battle between the Merc teammates is likely to be pretty close all season and could yet end up with a 'double points' last-race decider. I think the season is far from over.


Certainly not a classic, so I went with 7. As a Lewis fan I would probably just stop watching if I didn't enjoy that. Alonso put in a great drive too. Wet qualifying (or Nico's spin) deprived us from another Mercedes battle, which I'm sure we'll see again soon.


Id give it a 7. Obviously Hamilton winning easily didnt help but there was some good racing and the chaos at the start was interesting. The drama between the Red Bulls and Vettel getting passed by a Caterham was interesting too.


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I'm out of the country and only just watched the quali and race highlights on Sky.

Firstly atrocious quality from Sky. Quali's only showed Q3 and as for the race, they cut out a load around the pit stops and also where Rosberg overtook Alonso. Tres confusing.

It seemed a rather dull race from what Sky did choose to show. Of course the result was pleasing to me but no epic battles (although I recall a rather sweet overtake from Button early on). I'd give it a four, plus one for the result, plus one for Seb both crying and also the 'tough luck' moment, plus one for Alonso, minus one for the turnip with the flag.

What's that? Six? Okay minus another one because of Maldonado.

Done. Five.


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The Sky highlights available online are pretty rubbish and they don't even upload the full programs; it's the one area where they lag way behind the BBC.
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