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2013 German Grand Prix out of ten

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6/10 It was interesting without ever being thrilling but not being boring. Some complex tyre strategies and Vettel didn't run away with it, I would have liked to have seen the Lotus' go more wheel to wheel with the Red Bull but that's racing
Only a four from me and I haven't been this tight with points all season - boring, boring, boring.

A conundrum - happy for Rogro but just wanted him to get out the way - isn't life difficult?

Would like to see the pit lane closed when the SC comes out (and was it really needed once the car had rolled to a safer place?) - there is enough of an advantage gained by bunching the cars up without allowing them to change tyres as well.
I think it's a 6 for me as well, it had a lot of the ingredients necessary for it to be a great race but it didn't really happen. It was one of those races that was a matter of waiting to see how the various strategies played out, intriguing but not what I watch F1 to see.
1 off for DRS and 1 off for some dodgy safety issues (Webbers tyre drama and the run-away Marussia) but over all and worthy 8.

I quite enjoyed that. There was some interesting tactical stuff, a couple of good overtakes. Generally, it felt like a real GP not a all show, no go, overtake fest.
Pretty hacked off about another pole turning to dust (-2) but ...
... a very tense race with hard work and skill required from those engaged in the chase (+2).
Tyres back to the crap stage of early season (-2) but safe (+1).
Webber suffers the RBR misfortune so back to form there (-2).
The DRS zones were about as innocuous as they could be (+/-0) ...
... thanks to the topology of the circuit and (almost) traditional narrowness and turns (+1).
Safety car seemed to be out too long with ludicrous delay waiting for MW to unlap and then catch the field (-1)
Good drives from Kimi but suffers hold up from clear No.2 ... should have been a Kimi win. Lotus need to learn some tactics and teamwork. (-1).
Good job by the TV producer to catch a lot of things happening and much less fussy slo-mo or moody shots away from the action (+1).

A 7 from me.
I think the safety car period was too long, too slow and too late for the incident that caused it's release - I shall have a think on this one as there's a danger that foolishness (combined with decisions being deferred to after the race from lap 6) could effect the vote.

On the plus side I was genuinely pleased that Vettel broke his German duck, even though I'm not a fan, and delighted that all the poor PR Mercedes have received they showed that they are still throwing every strategic decision they can at solving the problems caused by a car that cannot manage the tyres as well as the competition - shame they didn't manage the drivers as obviously as other teams earlier on ;)

Oh, and still hate the sodding tyres - they continue to decide the races - I agree if they didn't then it would be aero, but since they are the current bias creator it seems a great place to start...

Edit: I went for 7 :)
Really enjoyed that one yet again! Was I the only one cheering on RoGro? Would have loved to have seen Vettel panic if he suddenly had to go wheel to wheel with him with the rep he's got. Dissapointed Kimi dodn't stay out and try and win it. He could have at least backed him into his team mate - although Alonso prob would have won if with his mystery pace at the end. I understand why Kimi took the safer option from a championship point of view but entertainment wise I wish it had been otherwise.

So great race with some tidy racing and the top 3 teams were all in contention for the win can't mark it lower than Silverstone but not sure it deserves more so 8 (2 laps longer Kimi would have got him and it'd have been 9).
I quite enjoyed it, it broke up the monotony of the day at work, interesting to see how all the variations of strategy worked out at the end. Ross Brawn called it when he said it would be a slow burner, with an exciting end.

7 from me.
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