Poll Out of ten - 2012 United States Grand Prix

2012 United States Grad Prix out of ten

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Once again no race is ever perfect so 9 is the highest I can give it, I'm very impressed by the circuit wonder how it will be next year though once it has weathered in.....
7 from me, not as good as the last one but still a pretty good race. Restored my faith in F1 to provide some proper motor racing, even the DRS seemed to work well.
All that effort.... just 1/10th? off pole....to be negated ..........by the first corner....
So it was great to see LH fight back...& WIN...
After all the crap this year...at last he didn't get taken-out or have a mechanical failure
Had it been last year...Seb's sour grapes/whinging when he had the lead taken from him....could have seen Lewis with a drive-thru...at least...?
So it's a TEN from me...bloody GREAT Race....
8/9 from me.

Ferrari demoting Massa just before the start, tainted it a little for me, and with Webber retiring as he's always likely to cause something.

Plus as Tacitus usually states, there was no safety car LOL
An absolute brilliant performance by Lewis today, and no question one of his best. Shadowing the fastest combo on the grid today in Sebastian and Red Bull, and then pouncing on Vettel to take the lead, and eventual win is a 10 for me....:1st:

A nice show of sportsmanship by Sebastian, while he was passing Lewis on the cool down lap, he was clapping his hands..:thumbsup:

A 7 from me, had some good moves all the way through the field, but two things rankled, 1 was the Ferrari situation. Yes, I can unstand why they did what they did, but still don't like it. The other was the petulance of Vettel when Lewis overtook him! Seriously Seb, you were the dangerous one in that manouvre..
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