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2012 Singapore Grand Prix out of ten

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I feel a bit bad giving it a 7 now. The first half was bloody awful but the second half was much better. I loved the exasperated "what happend" on the Mercedes team radio. The couple of on a wing overtakes were cool as well. If the first half could have been as lively it would have been great. Thank god the second half wasn't as dull.

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A four from me. Utterly tedious on the most part, Lewis dropping out was a real downer, but there were a few charges, Felipe was one that I quite enjoyed, and there were a few others, even if they did end up in contact and retirements.

The crowning moment for me was Schumachers engineer on the pit radio "What happened there?"

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The best part was that we saw quite a bit of drivers who were not in the leading places, unfortunately they were mainly line astern. I wrote before the race that this is a lousy circuit, I didn't see any reason to change that view. So I'll give it 5 for the drivers, they did drive their hearts out and even supplied the odd overtake, and 0 for the circuit.


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I only think it is worth a 5... it is hard to get excited about the 2nd through 6th all making sure they were 1.5 to 2.5 seconds behind each other and managing their tyres... I could have given it a 6 if Schumacher hadn't said sorry to JEV...


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I was out of the country and didn't get home until 11.45pm Monday night so watched the highlights then as I had to be up early for work and couldn't stand not knowing. Highlights were painful, as was the commentary (I'm sorry I'm a Sky fan) however having read some of the comments it seems like I picked the perfect weekend to miss it. Can't give it a score this week.
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