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2012 Singapore Grand Prix out of ten

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First part was very dull. SCs and retirements put some life into it. There were also a few good battles. Massa's overtake on Senna was the best of the season.

Let's say 5. Still better than Monaco.

Didn't expect much and therefore wasn't too disappointed. If the stewards change the results, my vote will instantly drop to 1.
I've only just watched the race on replay. The first 20 laps or so were a bit tedious, but then it got a little more exciting - so I've voted 6.
Just watched it on catch-up, my god that was boring. Denied a possible great battle between Lewis and Seb, the race died from there at the front. A 2 merely for Massa's overtake on Senna and Di Resta getting 4th.
Today I watched 2 hours of racing and it felt like 4 hours last year I watched 4 hours of racing in Canada and it felt like 20 minutes.

Einstein was right! time is relative to the view of the observer, well bloody hell who would have thought that F1 would unlock the secrets to the nature of the universe....

In fact I am still watching the race as I type this post.....:bored:
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