Poll Out of ten - 2012 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Indian Grand Prix out of ten

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Predictability: minus 2
Alonso's drive: plus 3
Hamilton's drive: plus 2 minus 1 for poor start
Senna's drive; plus 2
Button's drive: plus 1
Processional racing: minus 2
Spectacular incidents: none = minus 2
DRS: minus 1
Vettel's win: plus 1
Hamilton's five wheel change pit stop: plus 3
McLaren driver's teamwork at start: minus 1
Thrills = zero
Excitement: minus 2
Tension plus 2
= 3 :(
The last 5 Grand Prixs have been unspectacular and have been in the 3 to 4 out of 10 margin.

Best season ever? I highly doubt it, started off extremely well, and has just been a big let down ever since.

I agree. Since Hungary its been a bit of a letdown...

Since the teams figured out the tyres and degradation stopped being a factor, in fact. India is what happens when you get tyres that last - very little happened after lap 10.
Paul Hembery of Pirelli has already admitted the tyre choices weren't ideal as they lasted a lot longer than they predicted.
They should have gone for softer compounds.
I'm usually grateful for a race, any race - India had a beginning and an end but not a lot in between - must admit I wasn't really concentrating, so may have been unfair - a four from me.
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