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2012 Indian Grand Prix out of ten

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It was nice to be able to show the younger generation what Grand Prix racing used to be like. A near-constant state of stalemate, nothing much happening at the pitstops, then the German national anthem at the end. It was somewhat like 1994 all over again; Martin Brundle was even on the podium!
What do you classify as a "spectacular incident"?
For this race spectacular was Alonso 1st lap using 2 McLaren to punch a hole through the air to out drag them both down the straight, & then everyone realised Ferrari's 7th Gear ratio.
Odd how boredom kicks in when the Bulls are on top of their game - just an observation.
Don't think it's the RB that's caused the boredom, I just think someone in the RB garage had a 'Eureka' moment around about the Singapore Grand Prix. Since then the other teams have used COMSATSPY1 satellite relay receiver to understand what it is and are now copying the same settings to protect the tyres better, which leads to making 'Jack a dull boy'
Oh I gave it a 2, other than the drag race on lap 1, no dog incidents & the 5th wheel being changed, I used my own intelligence and took my own Dog for a walk at 9:30, returned back to Sky+ logo to say -45 minutes and other than the start, the pit stops and the end, all the racers went round that Indian track in a Style akin to a Benny Hill chase:

A six for mine...

Vettel was untouchable... but how Webber was hoping for another 150 yards of track at the start that would have made young Seb at least make a pass on him...

I think Alonso's drive was 10/10 ... he drove the wheels off that Ferrari ... he might even have had a chance at Webber towards the end of the race as the tyres went off a little without the KERS issues...

Grosjean making the off strategy work... the two Williams dicing it up in the midfield... Rosberg backing up the field a little helping out some of the midfield battles...
Went with 7. Decent enough race for me. I lost all major expectations for this season a couple rounds ago and have enjoyed the races more since then.

As for the tires lasting longer than Pirelli expected. I think its more a case of the teams getting on top of this rubber. They know how it needs to be driven and instruct their drivers with that in mind.

If you push too hard on the Pirelli's, they will fall to pieces. If your gentle, they will last. Lewis almost ran into trouble when he reeled off a couple fastest laps and then had to reign it in. And it seemed most drivers were holding something in reserve all the way to the final lap as a host of guys posted their fastest laps of the race, which indicates to me that they're always wary of "the cliff".
I thought that as well Keke... but this interesting comment in Mark Hughes wrap up...

"It was fantastic," said an elated Lewis Hamilton after chasing Mark Webber's KERS-less Red Bull home and just failing to grab third from him off the line. "I can't remember when I was last so on the limit almost to the point of going off. We've not been able to do that for a while because we've had to look after the tyres. But this was flat-out the whole way. I loved it."
I guess I was just surprised at how much JB and Senna appeared to leave in reserve. Their final laps were 6 tenths faster than their previous bests.

Hamilton was the only driver to go below 1' 29" in a lap other than the final one.
the drivers love the race but the circuit is a bit like Korea apart from the long straight within the first 5 corners to pass the rest of the circuit you have to follow the car in front and line up for the next lap

as someone pointed why can't Tlike add more overtaking places to his designs
Tight Hairpin - straight - hairpin doesn't work.
Look at Korea, India and Abu Dhabi etc.
Now look at Spa (Eau Rouge), Shanghai (funny corner before the straight) and Sepang (wide hairpin before main straight).
Now look at the overtaking stats - this year and last.
Not last year ;). But I suppose the unpredictability of the tyres and the fact that it was early in the season has to be taken into account.
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