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Here's the rules, you post a video or simply say the best song you think an artist has ever made. It could one of their greatest hits, it could be an album track, or a b-side. However, once a song by that artist has been posted no one can post anything else by them, or you will receive lots of angry face emojis from the other members. You can post songs by band members, so, for example, if you are a big NSYNC fan and post one of their tracks you can have something by Justin Trousersnake.

I will kick you off with this gem by Duran Duran. There is a "movie" which goes with this song but it's a little racy for this early in the evening.

So Duran Duran are out, who's one song are you going to choose?
Keeping on the Beatles band mates theme, here's Ringo and It Don't Come Easy. This was a tough choice as it could have been Weight of the World which is a similarly awesome song from the second best drummer in the group.

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