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It appears that the cost of a DNF is very high (-15 points). Ricciardo as my Turbo driver and Sainz won me a grand total of minus 40 points...


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Can't access it right now....have no idea how I am doing. Good thing I didn't want to make any changes.


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i went clever for this race. because i looked at rules & noticed how you get points. so ive gpt punt on russell basically get more points the DNFs we have. but ill end up being too clever for my own good. i might leave albon for Norris while his stock is low


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I had to make two changes so I've managed to lose myself 10 points in the process and managed to not got what I wanted in the process so I've gone out on a limb for the next race.


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So my team in this league has 200 points but one of my other teams has 315. I bet if I change one for the other the results will go the other way.


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I’ve changed a driver. I sacked Dan the Man and put in a new driver, I can’t remember who at the moment,I know I can do that, but I don’t really know how else I can manage my team.



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Titch, you can also change who you want as your turbo driver as often as you like, but you can only use that on 'cheaper' drivers.

You also have a wild card facility. That allows you to make more than one change between races without costing you any points. You can only use a wild card twice in the season though, once before the race in Hungary and once after that race.

I hope that helps :)
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