Official F1 Fantasy League

meant to post this Tuesday, just been reminded that i forgot by seeing the picture on my computer. we look like we have a clear winner its almost hamilton like where it would take monumental collapse to not win this title. love how after 19 races 2nd - 5th is separated by 38pts. & my midseason stuff any chance i had great start great end but destructed in the middle

Fantasy F1.png
Fantasy f1 1.png
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I will never understand this game, I checked the scores on Monday and I was only 7 points behind gethinceri, now I haven't changed my team, or even been to the site but suddenly I'm 28 points behind!:s:dunno: I can only assume it's due to penalties being added later on or something.
im worried i might have gone to far on the F1 fantasy team name & could get banned LOL

temp 3.jpg

& if anyone wants a go in a league

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