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I came across this Liberty media have branched out in the fantasy league game. which could be good because unlike Football which ive played for nearly a decade. F1 never had a decent version. looks alright might be fun to have private CTA league

if you win overall you got a paddock pass for any 2020 race (bar Australia, Singapore, Monaco & Brazil)

2nd - grandstand seat for any 2020 race (bar Monaco)

3rd - 12 months free for F1 tv pro (F1 pro access if you cant get access to it)
I hope I'm not stepping on your toes F1Brits_90. I started us a league and my team is in for Australia. Read 'em and weep people ;)

If you want to join the league the invite code is: 98777066f3

Let's see who knows best and who ends up crying in the corner. Start your engines ladies and gents!!

I set it as a private league for now but I can change it to public one if you'd prefer.
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A passing resemblance?!?!? It's basically is the old CTA Fantasy League! That being the case Rasputin's Greatest Love Machines would like extra prize money having been one of the long term members of the format.

cider_and_toast please get on it.

I joined by the way so none of you have to worry about being last anymore
is anyone secretly on liberty payroll then for the similar ideas turning up. my money is that RasputinLives is sean branches. whose had a secret bust up with ross brawn that why he doesn't like him LOL

ill have 2nd sown up. as last 10 years (including the current season) we had a 8 - 10 family fantasy football league. my record is 1 win, 6 2nds 1 3rd & 1 4th. you never guess where im currently this season ;)

yep 2nd LOL
Aww, that is a good team name, wish I'd thought of that.

as I say 10 yrs of football fantasy league, it almost a law in that, that you've got to have a dreadful pun. trying to think of former teamnames over the years

this yr because of world cup "so near yet so tsar" & "from Russia with Ndlovu" (ex sheff utd player)
"whoo whoo thats the sound of lloris"
"crowd say bo, quaresma"

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