Official F1 Fantasy League

Some thief had already used my CTA team name, so I had to add "The Original" in front of JCB Racing. But I'm in.

Thanks for joining Jez, looks like we could have a good season as we battle amongst ourselves. Who will be Mercedes/Ferrai and who will be Williams? That is the big question!
Okay Titch, will do my best. Here's the register page,

Once you've done that I think it takes you to the pick a team page. You simply make your choices of 5 drivers and 1 constructor within the $1,000,000 budget. The list of drivers and constructors all have values next to them and all you have to do is keep an eye on how much you're spending, there is a bar at the bottom of the page to show you close to the limit you are.

It also asks you which driver you want to add your turbo boost to, that has to be a 'cheaper' driver not someone like Vettel or Hamilton of whatever. Just click on the driver you want to add the turbo to.

After that you have to choose a team name. Then I believe it asks you what league you want to join. At that point I can't help you so much as I started a league, I didn't look for one to join. But I assume yo search for the Clip the Apex league. In order to join our league, you will need the 'invite code' and that is 98777066f3

I think that is all there is to it, I have only done it once a few days ago so if I missed anything else maybe one of the others can chip in and help. Hopefully that should be pretty straight forward. Any questions, just yell! Oh and thanks for joining :)
Thanks for the info. Angel. I pressed your link which took me to a registration page. So I registered and expected to be directed to a page where I could choose drivers etc. However that hasn’t happened, it just took me back to the same registration page. So I’m stuffed at the moment. Anyone else?
Okay Titch, providing you have filled in the registration page correctly I would have expected it to move on from that page. Down in the bottom left of the page there should be a little red 'chat' icon. I assume if you are stuck and you click on that they can help you through the process.
As I say I have only done this once myself and I can't really recall anything more than I already told you, sorry. Good luck!

Got there, finally. And I can see the other teams in our league. But judging by how badly that went for me, I don’t expect to do very well.
yeah Titch it does sound tricky but in my expierence. it will get easier as the season goes on as you understand how it all works. but on other points you select a turbo driver who will score double points, for each race. Only drivers priced at $19m and under can be selected as your turbo driver & youve got unlimited changes to your team until deadline closes at the start of qualifying in austraila, after that your only allowed 1 "free" transfer between races
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Yes, I will be in. Still trying to get excited about this new season.
Actually, signing up to this game has helped me to get a bit more excited about the upcoming racing. Not that I'm at all competitive, not me, no siree Bob ;)
I've managed to get myself excited about the new season by putting the top 6 out of my mind. That midfield battle is going to be epic this year.
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