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If there is enough interest, I've come up with a new game for the last half of the season.

If you are interested then please make yourself known by posting below.

The rules of the game will be simple.

You will be issued a clean, crisp (and not legal tender) Bank of Apex 10 Brogan note, to open your account.

With this imaginary money you can make a bet or bets on each race.

You can bet as much or as little as you like. Obviously, if you bet all 10 Brogans and lose the lot, then you are out. The winner will be the person at the end of the season with the most money in their account.

I will post the odds prior to the race weekend and all bets must be placed before 23.59 BST / GMT on the Thursday night prior to a race weekend.

The odds will be taken from legitimate bookmakers websites to reflect the real odds for the race and there will be a couple of options such as out right winner or podium place etc. These may vary from race to race and will be up to the bookmaker (i.e. me) to think up. I will try and keep it fairly basic so as not to confuse you or myself as this could end up as a spreadsheettastic nightmare.

So, who's in ??

Open Accounts

1) Jen - Balance: 10 Brogans
2) mjo - Balance: 10 Brogans
3) F1Yorkshire - Balance: 10 Brogans
4) sh4dow85 - Balance: 10 Brogans
5) Titch - Balance: 10 Brogans
6) jez101 - Balance: 10 Brogans
7) McZideRed - Balance 10 Brogans
8) Jos the Boss - Balance 10 Brogans
9) no-FIat-please - Balance 10 Brogans
10) MCLS - Balance 10 Brogans
11) GeoffP - Balance 10 Brogans
12) Josh - Balance 10 Brogans
13) soccerman17 - Balance 10 Brogans
14) meph - Balance 10 Brogans
15) Fenderman - Balance 10 Brogans
16) GermanF1 - Balance 10 Brogans
17) Rachit Bedi - Balance: 10 Brogans
18) Teabagyokel - Balance: 10 Brogans
19) Galahad - Balance 10 Brogans
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