New circuit quiz


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Well, next weekend the F1 will make its first visit to India.
1. Spanish GP in 1951 was held in Pedralbes street circuit. But in what city the circuit was?

2. How long was the Pescara circuit which held the Grand Prix in 1957?
25,5 kilometres
A point for answering between 25 and 26, half a point answering between 24 and 27.

3. In which circuit there was a fatal accident in its first World Championship race?
Ain-Diab, where Stuart Lewis-Evans was killed in 1958

4. Excluding Indianapolis 500, what was the first US-based circuit to host World Championship Grand Prix?

5. In which year did Brands Hatch first host the Grand Prix?

6. The track hosted one race, and driver took his only victory here. What circuit and which driver? Half a point for both circuit and driver.
Zeltweg, winner Lorenzo Bandini

7. Before ¨Hockenheim became permanent location for German GP, it hosted the race once. When?

8. Thanks to local star drivers, two new countries got GP in 1973. Which two? Half a point each.
Brazil and Sweden

9. Who won 1976 Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji?
Mario Andretti

10. Keke Rosberg won twice in the circuits hosting its first race. Where? Half a point each.
Dallas and Adelaide

11. Who's the most recent driver to win twice in new circuits in the same season?
Nigel Mansell, won in Magny-Cours and Barcelona 1991

12. What was the last year as new track was hosting season-opener?
1996, Melbourne

13. How many successive seasons there has been without new circuits?
Four - no new circuits between 2000 and 2003

14. Of the last seven circuits added to calendar, how many is located in the country which has had at least one Grand Prix driver?
One - Valencia!

15. How many circuits have hosted F1 race after Indian GP has been driven?
A point for 67-71, half a point for 65, 66, 72 and 73.

So a maximum is 15 points.
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