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McLaren's new super car, the P1. It's going to be the fastest car around a circuit (altough not fastest in top speed probably). I'm not sure I like the look of it either...

I like it!
The colour that is.

What's not to like about an orange McLaren? ;)

Not sure on the car, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie and a little bit OTT in places.
I guess it's called the P1 because it's going to be vey fast, as 'you're P1 currently'...

The colour is nice but I'm not keen on the overall design.
The mp4-12c was critisized for being too conservative in its looks. The P1 appears to have addressed that issue.

I think it looks brilliant. Love the double diffuser.
I like the orange. It would also look good in British racing green... or white.
I'm off to buy a lottery ticket.
Looks a bit like an Elise from the front, looks quite cool in the side view but oh dear, that is a ****ing ugly rear end
That's one hell of an arse, that's my favourite shot of it personally. Not entirely sure about the black sections though, they look unfinished.

It's a completely different kettle of fish to the MP4-12C in terms of price tag - £800,000 (!) vs. £180,000 for the MP4-12C.
I think it looks awesome besides the front being maybe a bit too round. Looks fast as hell though. Low center of gravity, looks very balanced and aerodynamic. Still don't think it can knock the Ariel Atom off the top of the Top Gear fast laps board.
Brogan Strangely enough it has been discussed. But the price tag is a little high right now, though is unlikely we would be able to get one anyway. The expectation is that the run of 500 world wide is likely to be sold out before us mere mortals get the chance to buy one.

To be honest this is the McLaren attempt to regain the hyper-car crown that was originally won by the F1 but then was kept in joint custody with Mercedes with the SLR in its various guises. I have to be honest and say I would rather get a second hand SLR 722 because there is just something about that car that makes the heart race just looking at it, but at around £350k for a 2 year old car it is still out of the price range :(

What I do find strange is the lack of he best device ever invented for a car that was in the SLR but is missing out of both the McLaren and also out of anything by Mercedes, but is one of the cheapest things they could do. The flip top gear stick with the big red start button on it. Was so simple, so cheesey but does make you feel like you are in a fighter jet and not a car and the simple action of pushing that button to make the engine roar into life gave even the hardest of heart a quick thrill ;)
Personally, I like both of the McLarens. The technical exercise which created the cars is amazing, and the car which is the output of this process performs how it is supposed to, and for the same reason that I love the Nissan GTR, I also love the McLaren

Dear Santa, I have been a really good boy this year.....
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