McLaren P1

I don't know about the 'face' of this car, it looks as though they have got inspiration from the Mazda's smile. I really like the F1 better.
I have to admit that having seen a lot more information on the P1 in the last few days I am very impressed if it is all true (not publically available information as yet).

They are right though, if doing a straight drag race, this car will struggle to contend with other hyper-cars, but as soon as you put it into the real world with corners, not so smooth surfaces, variable environmental issues such as wind/rain this thing will be immense. If it is only 80% as good as they are predicting in the figures (all of which are backed by technical and testing data) then this will be the car to buy if you ever want the best on the road.

I now just have to work out my explanation to the wife as to why we need a second, third and possibly fourth mortgage and the fact that the cars cost has tripled, then need to find a way to get on the order list (anyone know anything about extortion?). Though think the Father-in-Law is very very very interested after a conversation last night so may just have to "borrow" his on a permanent basis if he manages to get one...

EDIT : Just to add, I love the look of it, though am a more than a little interested in how they are going to get around the MOT laws regarding working windscreen wipers in the UK if they go with the plan currently to have the car without and some special polymer windscreen....
I have some Hires shots perfect for desktop backgrounds.
Click on the thumb nail and do a 'save as'.
I was wondering why it didn't have a rear wing before. If you look at the original pictures now you can just about see how it hides away, so at least you don't have to look at it all the time and if you're going fast enough to need it you'd probably be glad it's there!
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