Formula E Long Beach E-Prix Discussion Thread


No passing through my dirty air please
So Formula E hits the States this Saturday for its outing at Long Beach and its fair to say it has attracted a bit of attention from US Investors and some fans. That fact alone probably explains why Bernie decided to plant the Bahrain GP weekend on the same date. Based down in LA so all the green environment loving Hollywood people can come check it out, its a return to street tracks and a pretty good venue. I'm pretty sure Leonard Di Capprio - part owner of the Venturi team will be spotted often and his Oscar talked about lots. Don't expect his team to be near the front though.

At Long Beach last year we saw a fantastic win by the ever lovable Nelson Piquet Jr which kickstarted his romp to the title. Don't expect to see that this year though as, although they are getting better, Nextvr are still a mile behind the rest. I wouldn't expect to see Piquet for much longer as he is set to strop off.

Who will we see? Well most likely you'll see Buemi and E-DAMS topping the times in practice but somehow combining to mess it up in qualifying. Last time out brought us hope with what seemed like a genuine competitive drive by Di Grassi to take a win in Mexico...........only for him to be DQ'd after the race for an overweight car! This is the second time this has happened to Audi Abt and left us all banging our heads. It did mean a win for D'Ambrosio though in the Penskie owned Dragon team. A good win for the home town boys which I'm sure will be mentioned a lot. In all honesty though it was only Buemi being out of position and seemingly losing his cool constantly that meant D'ambrosio stayed ahead of him so I don't expect them to be competitive for anything else but a podium here at Long Beach.

The safe odds are on this being a duel between Di Grassi and Buemi for the win like it has been all season......unless of course a certain Sam Bird finds conditions perfect. Bird has been the only driver to really take it to the front two and that Virgin car is getting better and better. Birds form though does leave me asking the question what the hell has happened to JEV?

Other things that are bound to happen is Prost messing up a good result, Senna hitting someone and Heidfeld being unlucky.

I've really enjoyed the Formula E so far this season even if its not the free for all we saw last year. Drivers being able to follow each other closely has meant the races have always had a slight air of tension and excitement even if they have not been the most interesting.

So Saturday, LA - tune in.
Thanks for the reminder RasputinLives, for some reason my Facebook feed has stopped sending me updates so I lose track of when the races are taking place.

How fast do the Indycars go round Long Beach? I know it's a shorter circuit, just wondered if it's possible to make a comparison.
Buemi messing up qualifying? Shocker. Da Costa is turning into a dam fine driver.

No worries FB I kind of only remembered late myself. F1 appears to have scheduled more of its race weekends at same time as Formula E and drowning it out of the media. Deliberately? Probably.
First time I've caught the pre-race build up program for a long while. I see it's still as lively and interesting as ever.
So Da Costa's left rear was 0.052 too low. Ouch that is the slimest of margins between legal and not.
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