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A place to put all the posts from all the other threads primarily but love him or hate him, and even for the indifferent amongst us this is the place to discuss the marmite that is Lewis Hamilton, to learn a thing or two about his rise, talk about those controversial, genius or mad moments and something that i am bemused by, the recent articles that suggest something quite different to my perception of what's going on. Any experiences of meeting LH?

Brundle had to write a Lewis Hamilton article recently and in my tweets (which were probably ignored) I asked him to talk about LH the driver not LH the personality. It seems that you can't have one without the other.

So as a starter for ten, here is a fairly recent LH article. Posts should not be limited to this link but it can get some discussion going.

The only banned topic as it is clearly ridiculous involves these four things "Glock" "2008" "Brazil" "conspiracy"


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Hamilton unlike a few multi win WDC's hasn't relied on No.1 status and team orders to win, Schumacher, Fangio, Vettel had No1 status, the so called most complete driver on the grid, Alonso used No.1 status, Hamilton and Clark both had team mates who had their chances to beat them in equal machinery whether or not it was the best machinery, they both were No.1 by being quicker than their teammates therefore earning a No.1 status, not a contractual No.1


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And despite all this, there are many people who leave comments like
"Yes, put anyone in Hamilton's place and he will win the championship"...
i thought think that is your fan that's doesnt watch F1 as closely as us. they watch a few races. they will probably see in the media that Hamilton won a race without watching the race & assume that it was a cake walk. when as ive said before the weekend. if lewis was at a different team Mercedes are no where near the same level of dominance. we might come into a season where Vettel won a 5th in 2018 & leclerc in 2019


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Hamilton: ‘Older drivers have a bee in their bonnet about me – maybe one day they ‘ll get over it’​

“In 20 years’ time, whatever it is, when I’m looking back, I can promise you this: I will not be talking down any young driver that’s coming through and succeeding."


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iI love the hypocrisy of these 2 statements from jackie Stewart & as Lewis Hamilton said to Stirling moss..driver good now might have been terrible in 50/60s

But the remarkable technical superiority of Mercedes has provided Hamilton with a seemingly "unfair" advantage according to the Scot, an edge his famous contemporaries never really enjoyed.

Fangio] drove in such a way, it was quite extraordinary – he would choose Ferrari, and then he would think 'well Maserati next year might be good', so he never did more than a one-year contract.
"And then he drove for Mercedes-Benz and won two world championships with them, because they were the best cars in the world at that time.


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is there a rule that says if you hugely influential in how F1 is now after taking charge in the 70s

you have to ruin that in last 10 yrs. as bernie & JYS are following paths


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could Lewis Hamilton do the unthinkable & leave. because his contract runs out in 2 months & i have no idea why he hasnt signed yet. because would not want to stay
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