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A place to put all the posts from all the other threads primarily but love him or hate him, and even for the indifferent amongst us this is the place to discuss the marmite that is Lewis Hamilton, to learn a thing or two about his rise, talk about those controversial, genius or mad moments and something that i am bemused by, the recent articles that suggest something quite different to my perception of what's going on. Any experiences of meeting LH?

Brundle had to write a Lewis Hamilton article recently and in my tweets (which were probably ignored) I asked him to talk about LH the driver not LH the personality. It seems that you can't have one without the other.

So as a starter for ten, here is a fairly recent LH article. Posts should not be limited to this link but it can get some discussion going.

The only banned topic as it is clearly ridiculous involves these four things "Glock" "2008" "Brazil" "conspiracy"


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After Mclaren announced him as a driver I looked online for some of his races, and this is the one, that made me a fan before he turned a wheel in F1.



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I think Lewis has reached a point where he does some of these things just to wind up the haters. Either that or he's colour blind.



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Wait a moment......

Hamilton hasn't signed a contract with Mercedes yet.

Mercedes have increased their stake in Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Racing Point have a pink livery.

Hamilton has a pink suit on.

Come on people, it all adds up.


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I giggled when I read this yesterday but it appears reading in to it that it's a bit tit for tat between Lewis Hamilton and Hamilton International.

It would seem that while Lewis was trying to block the Hamilton trademark in the EU, Hamilton International weren't happy with "Lewis Hamilton" brand watches.


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well as the sort of taylor swift CTA expert LOL i can say that yes FB she successfully trademarked "this sick beats" in 2014 from shake it off & did try to register the number 22 after hit from her 3rd album but also because i think she was such a fan of lewis hamilton 1st title in 2008

i always find these weird because i doubt it will be him himself, but it funny that a companies that was started nearly 100 years before Lewis & now its a problem. im glad it was thrown out. although im looking forward to lawsuit to the hamilton the musical & Hamilton Academical in scotland

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Similar with Victoria Beckham and Peterborough united FC. it happens all the time. Brand and Marketing are crowned princes to the king of money. and yes, I assume that it will be Lewis' people.
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