NASCAR Kyle Busch Spins Out Ron Hornaday

Bloody stupid on the part of Busch, considering what happened not so long ago.

You could see exactly what he was trying to do, he just didn't have the skill to pull it off.
Deliberate, slowed down before he got to his rear end then sped up to push him into the wall.
Life ban from all forms of motorsport.
As the commentator said, he should be banned for the rest of the season (maybe even longer.)
He risked the safety of many of the drivers on the track by doing that stupid move. If NASCAR was controlled by the FIA, he should have his racing licence suspended (if NASCAR drivers even have one).
He's either a complete ****ing arsehole or a complete ****ing arsehole, I can't decide which so I'll just have to conclude that he's a complete ****ing arsehole.
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