Is Alonso the luckiest driver on the grid?


People may call it sour grapes but as a fact that's the third time that he has inherted a win from Vettel's misfortune, thinking about it Vettel could easily be equal to Alonso on career wins if it were'nt for his mechanical issues. And going even back how many wins Alonso got due to failures on Raikonnnen's car and in particular that engine failure on Schumacher's car that gave him the 2nd championship. He had a great drive today no doubt but on merit it deserved a 4th or maybe 3rd, he was around 30s and 10 s behind Vettel and Rosjean before SC was deployed, he had no chance against them and he only got past Hamilton due to pit stop issue but would probably have passed him on track going by the tyre problems that Hamilton faced. Anyways those are my thoughts what do you guys think?
But please state when is the last time he was leading/dominating and had a car issue? I certainly dont remember it atleast in the last 3 years, the last one I remember was in 2006.
Looks to me like 2010 all over again in terms of bad luck for Vettel, that year he lost 79 points v Alonso due to his problems and subsequent gains for Alonso, todays result has already caused a 32 point gain for Alonso (Vettel finishing 25 points behind rather than 7 points infront). Oh well I only hope the end result of championship is same as 2010.
Maybe. But he wasted two prime years at Renault after his dream move to McLaren didn't work out. Then he joined Ferrari just as they stopped building world-beating cars. Abu Dhabi was pretty unfortunate too. But maybe you're right, I haven't been keeping score.
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