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Today's the day the new iPhone is launched. Lots of details to be found on the web. I'll be updating my software to iOS 8 as soon as I can and upgrading to one of the new models of iPhone in November.

I think I'll be going for the smaller of the two models available. Mainly because I don't need a large screen but also because the larger phone is rumoured to be delayed.

Also expected to launch today is the iwatch. (Not actually in the apple dictionary for iOS 7)

I'm not a watch wearer so I don't think I'll be going down this route unless they have a lot of the fitness monitoring built in.

As usual people are queuing for the new phone even though the actual announcement isn't due until around 6pm GMT.
Just spent the last couple of hours watching the launch. Lots of cool new features, far too many to mention on here but here's a handy link with them all on.

iWatch looks very good, lots of links to fitness apps and a built in sat nav with vibrate function so you can navigate without looking where you are going. $350 price tag though so once you allow for exchange rates and tax that will be about £350. :bangfists:

Release date for the phone and the new software will be 17th September.

Not sure if this is a reward or not but every iTunes customer has been given the new U2 album which was released today. Once again it's a case of U2 forcing their music down everyones throat. Just log into iTunes to download it, or not. one cares.

I've found a solution to the bad battery life problem. I have a charger by my bed, one by my laptop and one hooked up to my work PC, I'll unplug my phone in the morning and after my 15 minute commute I can get it back on charge. Same in the evening on the way home. The only difficulties I run into is when I'm in the pub.
My LG G3 is the nadgers. I cannot see how anything could be any better, really.

The most amazing feature is, and I could not believe this myself, I can actually use it to talk to someone who is not in the same place as me, as long as they also have one too.

I was truly gob smacked. Thats a game changer right there....
Better solution: An android. One charger by your bed, charge while you sleep, no worries ever.


I really want to like Android but my experience has been frustrating at best. I have a Sony Xperia Z1 that I need to replace soon. Some applications drain the battery, others keep crashing (stock browser, gmail), sometimes is very very slow for no apparent reason. Is the iPhone the answer to my prayers?
Android can be very hit or miss depending on what phone you use it on. Some work amazing yet some struggle. It's the same with PC vs Mac You can get great PC's running windows and poor PC's running the same software and struggling. A lot of it is down to the hardware.

The big plus point with iOS is that you know it's going to work.

One thing I'm not sure about as I've never owned an Android phone is the ability to transfer apps between phones when you upgrade. This is all taken care of for iOS using iTunes, does Android have a similar seamless back up system?
F1Yorkshire I wonder that myself. I haven't changed phones in almost 3 years so if I decided to go with Android, I'd really like the transition to be smooth. I do have an iPad and as you say iTunes takes care of everything for you.
Any apps that you install are associated with your google account and can be installed automatically again from the Google Play store when you setup a new phone, it gives you the option to either install everything or start from scratch from what I remember.
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