Interforum League 2017


Podium Finisher
Hi everyone, :wave:

the zdkf1 site has had an overhaul and, after skipping the opening race, is now ready for you to make your predictions for the season. If you haven't played before, it's really easy: sign up and start your nickname with "CTA" and predict the top 10, pole sitter and pole time for each race. If you're a returning player, you will need to reset your password.

I believe ze Dutch Kiwi is planning a few more improvements to the website during the season, and the website is already a bit easier to use particularly for those on phones or tablets.

As always, slightly late predictions can be emailed to and will be included at their discretion, but if you post them here too then I can at least include them towards the league. (I will be particularly kind with predictions for China as I am rather late posting this!)

I'll try and do a more fleshed out opening post after China, the only other thing to add for now is I think the risk bonus boundaries are still very safe ≤19, safe 20-22, moderate 23-25, risky 26-28, crazy 29+.

Good luck! :cheers:

I'm in as CTA__Greenlantern101 and not CTA_Greenlantern101. Sorry.

I couldn't recover my password as the email I had used before has now been abandoned in a random hedge.
China Results

Ham wins the opening round of the 2017 interforum league for f1forumorg.
A good start to the season for cliptheapex, vintly is on the podium in second place :2nd:.
As always, if you made a prediction but don't see your name in the top 10 or list of also rans, please tell me.


scores for also rans from cliptheapex:
greenlantern101 41
fb1 37

League Table

Quali Trophy
2 players were within 0.25% for 2 points.
10 players scored 1 point for being within 1% (including fb1 :thumbsup:).

1ST out of everyone 215 people and I'm FIRST. hahahahahahhahaaaaa. :D
This has never happened before. Happy days.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 13.49.44.png
Hi all, I'm Dogued from F1Forum, and I took over the Interforum results when Pob was unavailable early in the season. He never came back, so I continued to do the results. Unfortunately, I never got around to sharing the love with all the other forums, so many of the entered players just stopped playing.. but not Greenlantern101 , who managed to place 6th overall for Interforum players on ZDKF1, and 3rd in the Interforum Top 10 Individual Championship, with wins in Bahrain and Italy! Clip The Apex finished 5th in the team category.

The final results for each category were:
Interforum League Champions - (488)
Interforum League Runner Up - F1 World (315)

Interforum Individual Points Champion - Pob (F1 Technical) - 127 Points
Interforum Individual Points Runner Up - Tazio (Motorsport Forums) - 121 Points

Individual Qualifying Champion - Natny ( - 17 points
Individual Qualifying Runner Up - DDDD (ja606) & Pob (F1 Technical) - 16 points

Individual ZDKF1 Points Champion - Tazio (Motorsport Forums) - 740 Points
Individual ZDKF1 Points Runner Up - Wb ( - 735 Points

At this stage, I'm happy to continue doing the results for 2018. Hopefully a few more players from here can take part and push Clip The Apex up the ladder! Well done to everyone who took part in 2017.
i should have a go at this probally did on a old forum few years ago but out of habit

I'll be popping round during Winter Testing to start a 2018 thread on the different forums and building up interest and remind those about signing up. It's a lot more fun when there are more entries (even if it is a pain on the paperwork side)! I understand a lot of players dropped off mid season because they hadn't heard from pob and lost interest.
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