Attention Important information concerning recurring Premium Contributor account upgrades


Clip The Apex
This information applies to Premium Contributor account upgrades only

As part of our efforts to move the site towards a more professional footing, we have created a new PayPal business account to deal with all site related transactions.
Unfortunately this means that any existing subscriptions are no longer valid and must be transferred, as the recurring payment is linked to the old account.

Please ensure you cancel your subscription at least 1 day before the expiry date, otherwise the payment may still be taken against the old account and the upgrade will fail.

You can confirm the expiry date by navigating to and checking the date and time just above the Cancel Subscription button.

To cancel your subscription, simply click on the Cancel Subscription button. You will be forwarded to PayPal and given the option to cancel the recurring payment.

Once you have cancelled the existing recurring payment in PayPal and your upgrade has expired, you can then renew your subscription, should you wish to do so.
Simply navigate to the Account Upgrades page again ( and click on the Subscribe button for the Premium Contributor option.

Please note that your existing upgrade will continue to function until the expiry date. Please do not cancel it early as there is no mechanism to part-refund cancelled upgrades.

If you encounter any problems when trying to cancel or renew, or have any questions at all, please email us at stating your Clip The Apex user name and the issue and we will endeavour to help.
Or alternatively, feel free to post on this thread with your questions.

Reminder emails will be sent three weeks prior to renewal dates.

If you no longer wish to maintain your recurring subscription then you can of course not renew or you may cancel it at any time.
We hope though that you will continue to enjoy the additional benefits associated with your upgraded account.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and hope you understand the need for this change.

Thank you for your ongoing support and contribution.
I will wait until my banking situation has been sorted as apparently RBS is being taken over by Santander and unlike other take overs they will actually be run as santander god knows what will happen to NatWest which is owned by RBS :dunno: which means it will affect my paypal account oh my god it is all getting a bit too much.....;) and they may all be in prison this time next year :o
Please ensure you cancel the recurring payment via your PayPal account, to avoid renewal fees being sent to the wrong CTA PayPal account.

Bill Boddy unfortunately your payment has been refunded as although it was taken successfully, it came to the old account and the account upgrade failed.
I think that all should be well now. I have cancelled the old standing payment on the PayPal site and then came back on here and generated a new one.

Edit: Having posted this I can see that it has worked.
As I still don't know how my bank situation is going to turn (RBS go figure.) out I may just leave it until my subscription runs out, but in the mean time I am seriously considering making a separate donation to the site...
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