Caption Competition Hotel de Paris, Monaco


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Image courtesy of BBC / Darren Heath.


Woman at the end of the table. "I haven't had my Williams pear yet"

Waiter. "I am aware of that madam they will be along as soon as the race has finished"


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Man 1 (at table nearest) - "look at those idiots queueing"

Man 2 - "Oh they're not queueing, that's them racing"

Man 1 - "I meant at the bar. There's a race on?"

Man 2 - "Apparently, some young blokes in cars that look like spaceships or something. I'm only here for the champagne and caviar"


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Telly Savalas steals chip


Photographer proves that Monaco is a waste of ****ing space as a Grand Prix!


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... and then Ronald, resplendent in his lovely, pressed just this very morning blue shirt, heard her asking for a red one. Grinning uncontrollablyLOL , he turned to Fred and said, "Excellent! Now I can buy me a Ferrari without getting into an argument with the missus.":chuffed:


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In unison, all diners were heard to proclaim that it "was a tight fit in the restaurant". A waiter and F1 fan, (out of camera), was heard to utter the immortal words "that's 'cos you don't really understand, you poncey bastards"

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As the revellers are seen to throw jelly and custard at Lewis, his team come on the radio, and ask for an update. I'm sorry guys, I seem to be a trifle deaf at the moment.
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