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As most of you will know, there is a poll on the Home Page on the left hand side, between the Links and Series Standings panels.

Unfortunately the poll can only be changed by me or Gav as it requires editing the database but as this is very much a member driven site, I'd like everyone to be able to contribute.

If anyone would like to propose a poll for the home page (serious polls only please :) ), post your question and options here or send them to me via PM or email.

Each poll will run for around a week or so, depending on the subject matter, so if there are a lot of responses I will queue them in the order they are received.
Topical polls however will be given precedence wherever possible.

Ideallly I'd like to keep the options to 5 or less.
Also, be aware that there is a character limit of around 25 on the options otherwise they will line wrap; although this isn't a show stopper, it just doesn't look as neat & tidy.

Over to you.

P.S. The poll can be about any aspect of any motorsport, not just F1 ;)
Can I request :snigger:

Are Button, Vettel and Alonso out of the Drivers' Championship?

with answers:

  • No
  • Button is
  • Vettel is
  • Alonso is
  • Button isn't
  • Vettel isn't
  • Alonso isn't
  • Yes
That might be a good one to put up after Monza I think.

The only problem is you can only vote for 1 option so it would be something like:

Which driver is now out of the championship

None of the above

Even then though that still wouldn't give an accurate result.
Better probably to do it as a thread poll as you can specify the number of options which can be voted for.
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