Highs and Lows


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We all know sport can take the participants to giddy heights to the troughs of despair. Do you have any images that show just how fickle sport can be? These images from Monaco and Canada show this for me.


As soon as I saw this, these two images immediately popped into my head.


Mika Hakkinen crying in the woods after spinning out due to an unforced error in the 1999 Italian GP.

Luca Badoer at the following race, the 1999 European GP, breaking down in tears after missing out on his first ever F1 points when his Minardi's gear box failed 13 laps from the end while he was holding a strong 4th place.

For Mika, the high was taking his second title that season, for Badoer however, the high would never come and his career would end in humiliation for Ferrari, many years later.
Two more famous High / Low images that spring to mind.

Mansell losing the world championship in Australia in 86 and finally winning it in Hungary in 92

Damon Hill losing the championship in Australia in 94 and finally winning it at Japan in 96

I've got to stop now because I've got a lump in my throat ;)

Mansell 92.jpg
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