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Anyone who has entered their birthday in their profile will now see a Happy Birthday message on the day, along with their username and title being changed slightly in various places: message avatar, member card, member online list, profile page, etc.

So instead of this:


It will appear like this:


Note that if you have entered a custom title, it will not be affected; only your user name will be changed.


Just a bit of fun, but it will allow others to see when it's a member's birthday.

It will all revert back to normal the following day, so no need to worry about it being permanent.

If anyone didn't enter a birthday when they registered, but would now like to, just start a Conversation with either FB or myself and we'll update your details.
Be aware that in doing so, the setting to not show day and month of birth in your personal details page will be overridden and all other members will know when it is your birthday.
Small bug which I've reported back to the developers.
I think it's because you don't have a year entered in your profile.
I did, but that was after I posted, well I did read it before and remembered something "orangey" being stated so went back to check
I did read it thats why I thought, oh its Sly's birthday better wish him a happy birthday! Then I saw oh its not his birthday so I came here to ask why it was orange for his birthday! When its not his birthday. Simple
Only seems to happen for january? Maybe its a calendar thing?
It's a bit more complicated than that.

One of the problems was the language wasn't being passed in to the data function, but that has been fixed.

foreach ($users AS $user)
    $today = XenForo_Locale::date(XenForo_Application::$time, 'j.n', null, $user['timezone']);

    $birthday = $user['dob_day'] . '.' . $user['dob_month'];

Hopefully it will be resolved in the next release.
The birthday bug is still around - anyone who has a birthday in October will be affected.

The developers are aware and hopefully a fix will be in the next release.
With the new design and the introduction of orange on some elements, the birthday related elements have been changed to....pink! :D

This matches the thread prefix and is more appropriate anyway, everyone likes pink icing (frosting for our American friends), don't they? ;)

So this is how it looks now - sorry Spesh LOL

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