Hamilton to McLaren 2015

Yep. Not seeing it reported elsewhere, but there is seldom smoke without fire. That's a pretty big story, if it's true. Perhaps the other outlets are off fact-checking.

Lewis emphatically states that he will be at Merc next year but what caught my eye is this cryptic quote from Seb. The statements odd enough not to give you enough to draw conclusions but it does make you start thinking. Three car teams?

Vettel said:
“There’s no update, I hope to be able to make an announcement soon, and as soon as the announcement is out I think you will be clever enough to be able to draw the conclusion why I had to wait.
basically Alonso holds the key to where everyone slots in

3 car teams won't happen - I thought the rule was 3 car teams are only permitted if there is only 14 legitimate entries
Brogan I think he is going to face resistance about 3 car teams given they should have decided about 6 months ago that this was going to happen

I guess for 3rd cars this may have to be introduced later into next season
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