French Grand Prix

I found this news interesting.That would ensure that there was chance of favouritism charges if indeed Paul Ricard does stage the race.
Gerard Neveu has stepped down as head of the Paul Ricard circuit, shortly after the announcement that he was heading up the taskforce entrusted with getting the French Grand Prix back on the Formula 1 calendar.
French prime minister Francois Fillon announced the formation of the GP taskforce last week, with Neveu joined in the group by Renault team boss Eric Boullier and ex-cabinet minister Gilles Dufeigneaux. The nation has not had a grand prix since France dropped off the calendar in 2008.
Neveu will leave his Ricard role on 23 September. He was track manager from 2001 to 2009 before becoming the circuit's managing director.
Do you think Bernie's ex will pay him the money to have a grand prix there? would kind of be his money she was using.
It's not the owner of the track who pay for having a GP. Before that the FFSA (french federation of autosport) was paying but it cost them too much (I think a 6M€ deficit each GP) and they stopped that...

Bernie doesn't like Magny Court but I hope he would accept a return at Paul Ricard, and it would be a unique track on the calendar (longest straight of the season but some tricky corners so the teams would have to do a compromise on the setup).
I hope that turns out to be true. I've always felt the French GP should be the first on the calendar. And I suppose, hard as it is to swallow, that Spa every other year is better than no Spa at all, which given the financial problems has looked an increasing possibility.
I think I’m in a minority but I always liked Magny Cours, watching the cars around Estoril corner was great and the direction change in the Imola chicane was awesome.

Id rather have Spa every year tho if I had the choice.
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