French Grand Prix may return - but at what cost?


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The French Grand Prix could return to the F1 calender, but if it does (you won't believe this, actually you might due to how F1 is run these days) it will alternate with Belgium, the legendary Spa track will only be seen once every two years.

It is not a secret that Spa has some financial issues and has had a lot of scares of being off the calender, this could be a way to save it. Either way if it alternates I will not be happy...


Because we'll have the Abu Dhabi, Valencia & Barcelona every year, but Spa once every two years. Also, Monte carlo has been a pointless waste of resources for the past 20 years, why not alternate that with France? (I know the answer to that :rolleyes:)

Stop the madness.

Well, better to have a Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps every second year than not have it at all.

Who knows, perhaps the Austin circuit might be so good that it'll make up for Spa? And we'll have them both every second year.

Sadly, Europe is an area of the world where Soverign financial problems aren't going away for the next 8 or 9 years.

Belgium is on the brink of becoming another Ireland or Portugal whereas Texas has got a bigger and more robust economy than most European countries.
He who pays the piper calls the tune. Monaco pays and generates a fair amount of cash. I don't think Bernie will be getting rid of it anytime soon and from what I remember he has extended their contract for a significant number of years. Melbourne is also in danger of going and the local politicians seem to be doing their best to piss Bernie off.
I thought that Monaco either didn't pay at all or at least paid very little. It's there because it looks good on the telly. There is also a race as well, but that is a minor point.

That's true and I stand corrected. They pay no fees and also get to keep all the revenue from trackside advertising. Critically, Bernie owns the TV rights and this more than makes up for it. I believe he (FOM) makes more money from the Monaco TV rights than any other circuit.
Monaco, whether you like the race or not, will almost certainly be on the calender until F1 stops existing. As to Spa and France rotating, I'm with Ray - Spa every 2nd year is better than no Spa at all and, never forget, Spa loses a mountain of money each year for the local government of the region so there is a serious risk of the track disappearing off the list all together.

France should have race a race as it's one of the historically important races in F1 history but, like everything in Bernie's world, it has to pay it's way and in the current Western economic situation I can only see more races going East.
France should have a race every year...

I remember Bernie not being happy about the two races in the love of god if you are not happy with them then ditch at least one!
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