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I don't wear a watch, haven't done for years. As a consequence, I can usually guess within ten minutes of any given time, except when waking in the night - so, if light, I get up and if not, I try to go back to sleep. Magic :D


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Now I love a good watch but this causes me a problem, I have a splendid Oris Full Steel which was my first horologic indulgence and I was cock a hoop when they decided to sponsor my favourite team, Williams. I wear a Rolex most frequently, though, as it keeps better time and allows me to see the time in two places at once without complex maths.


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Yeah, I've got my eye on a couple at the moment to see what the "going rate" is. I'll need a big bonus to get away with it!


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This is one I've always fancied but the half a million dollar price tag puts it a tad out of my league.



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Although I have a passion for watches, I very rarely wear one so I went the cheap route :D

Citizen AV0030-60E 2.jpg Citizen AV0030-60E 1.jpg

If I wore one on a regular basis I'd probably get one of these:



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The EcoDrive is a great watch, not sure about your Breitling choice though. I'd go for a Montbrillant instead Brogan.
Personally, I prefer the appearance of the Breitling Bentley series-especially the bezel. However, the model I own is the Navitimer.

My most recent watch purchase is very cheap ($20) but interesting technology. It is a so-called "atomic" watch: a quartz movement watch which reads the radio signal sent out by the Bureau of Standards Atomic clock and continually adjusts itself to maintain absolutely accurate time! I've had it for four months and am very impressed.
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