Flavio Briatore

Its all gone very quiet on the Briatore front, hasn't it? Having made a song and dance about how he didn't have a life ban from Formula One and he could return, as Pat Symonds has, in 2012, it seems strange that Briatore hasn't washed up in the sport.

So what is going to happen? The rumours of Mark Webber to Ferrari suggest that he might be involved in that team next year - are Ferrari going to make Stefano Domenicali the scapegoat for their failure to win the title and bring in an Italian three-time Constructors Championship winner?

Or is Briatore simply a persona non grata within Formula One as he is within football? Do FOM believe his return damages the brand (for no great payout).

I, personally, believe we have not seen the last of him.
Being a "professional" Australian, as if this makes him some sort of better human being than from any other country. Aussie Grit my arse. Pretending he was a better driver than he was. You were, are and always will be a No. 2 Mark. Not having much of a personality but pretending that "being an Aussie" was enough to get by. Those awful, toe curling podium interviews where he pretended he was interested but really, very obviously, couldn't give a crap. Being a worse driver than David Coulthard. Staying in F1 too long when so many other, younger drivers deserved an opportunity.

There's plenty more but will this suffice as a start?
The people from whom I buy my vegetables have diametrically opposing view to yours FB regarding Webber. But then they only chat with him when their paths cross.

Flavio complained about the Italian government shutting his club down, it re-opened, became a coronavirus hot spot and now Flav is in hospital having caught it.
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