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Chinese GP driver ratings

Sky's driver ratings from China which does involve the usual frapping over Alonso and some ratings that just make you go huh? I wish they gave us some kind of view of what this is taking into account. If its scored in comparison to their usual performance then Hamiltons 6 is fair - if its over the weekend performance its harsh (as is Verstappens 5). How Alonso and Bottas can have the same score when one's race was saved by the safety car and one was destroyed by it I have no idea.


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So, my usual Strictly Come Dancing/British Football Newspapers Rant.

Sky claim that these are marks out of 10. They're not, just like the scores on Strictly Come Dancing (ex. CRH) and in the newspaper football ratings. The lowest possible score seems to be 5. Thus these are scores out of 5, plus 5.

To genuinely be scores out of 10, there must be a possibility of scoring 0 (or at least 1). THERE IS NOT. Verstappen's losing of the race by punting Vettel off the track thus losing 10 seconds and track position would be worth a 3 in a normal situation. What the **** you would have to do to get a 1 is unfathomable.

It's like the British football papers, who score every player in every game between 5 (maybe 3 for an OG with a red card) up to about 8. There's no point. Utilise the full range like L'Équipe or Gazetta Dello Sport will do to harsh effect. If you don't want to upset someone then DON'T NUMERICALLY RATE THEIR PERFORMANCE ANYWAY!



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After my glowing write up on Max in pre-season about how I felt he had shook off the inconsistency that plagued him last season, how he would go on to outshine Danny this season and force Danny to move on.....

I'd just like to say as usual, I'm wrong.

or maybe not :D
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