Grand Prix 2020 Spanish Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

After its 70th birthday celebrations F1 now moves on for yet another glorious Grand Prix in the newly independent country of Catalonia..........what? It's not? Ok. After its fake 70th birthday celebrations F1 now moves on to the wonderful city of Barcelona in the plague ridden country of Spain. Unfortunately it will put a delay on the season as all the British based personel who attend the race will have to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. I mean there is no way they'll be able to get round that one is there?

Spain is notorious for being a boring race due to all the testing they do on the track and the data they get. Lucky for us and "the show" they weren't able to do the testing their this year due to the high level of people either fighting for their life or falling over and dying with mutated bat disease. Good news for F1 eh? The draw back on that is the Merc cars are roughly around 20,000 light years a lap in front of the rest of the field. However the baking heat might give us some dodgy rubber for Verstappen to jump on and shake that up who knows? If not we can always enjoy the battle for 5th which, as Sky like to tell us, is very exciting.

Local boy (kind of) Carlos Sainz will be hoping to score big in the revived McLaren and to get the better of current wonder kid Lando Norris. The other local hero Fernando Alonso will most likely pop up our of his disinfected sterile bunker to come remind us that he'll be back in F1 next year, Carlos is better than his results suggest and that Renault will be taking on Merc next year.

Spain will probably bring yet more speculation on whether Alex Albon will get to stay in the Red Bull seat. Albon will either qualify well and crash, which will make everyone question his race craft, or qualify crap, come back up through the field and get people saying "if only he could get his qualifying together". The victim of all this last year was Piere Gasly who is currently having a career and media persona turn round and stringing together some great and consistent results. I expect this to continue as well because the guy is happy at the moment and his junior career shows his best stuff comes out when he is comfortable.

Ferrari will most likely continue to face a nightmare with LeClerc maybe pulling out an unlikely result. Sebastian will continue to chug round like me at my old job in that last month when I'd handed my notice in. I mean what was the point? Alfa Romeo will be there too but we'll probably not notice. George Russel will probably do at least three things during the weekend which will make people say "I would love to see what he could do in a competitive car". A Haas will crash after some sort of brake failure and Renault will be either feast or famine.

It will be interesting to see whether F1s only covid victim Sergio Perez will return. If I'm the Spanish authorities I wouldn't let him in. If he doesn't return then the Nico Hulkenberg love in will continue without much substance. It's very similar to the time Nick Heidfeld replaced Kubica last minute at Renault and people were actually putting bets on him to win the title. Everyone seems to love an old dog come back. However I always think of the words of the late great Joe Strummer - "if you've been trying for years we've already heard your song"

So that's my little round up of the race to come. Feel free to expand it with better information than I can give. I hope we all enjoy the multi-millionaires racing round oblivious to a world pandemic in machines that are physically destroying the planet. Enjoy.
yes that the thing in making sure that drivers are safe. theyve made things worse track limits were never an issue on 90s

what a strange incident at the end of FP3. Ocon lets Magnussen through on his fast lap then Ocon speeds up & Magnussen slows down to let Ocon through. they crash, i know agreeing with crofty wont be popular here but espically after Italian fiasco. i cant believe we dont have a minimum lap time
typical kimi. to have his performance of the season when his future is in doubt again with talk of 2021 & retirement. as i always say if kimi was employed on race by race deal he would be 5 time world champion
its going to be a fascinating start & lap 1, because if bottas has any title hopes tomorrow is a must win. as he cant go 41pts behind lewis. but lap 2-66 will likely be terrible as Spanish GP is always the worst of any season
Came across this article today by accident and couldn't help but laugh. Especially as it was written back in January

Pirelli built new tyre to prevent over heating. Teams reject it because they don't want to change their cars. Tyres overheat and blow up. Teams get angry at Pirelli, fans get angry at Pirelli.

Proof once again that letting the teams call the shots in F1 is moronic to the extreme.
im usually never in favour of dictatorships. but ive always felt F1. needs an iron fist. ah these are rules & if you dont like it tough. because they meant well but been proven that they cant be trusted. far too self interest. the redistribution of funds & propet cost saving shouldve happened in 2009 not 2022

on another point must win for bottas today. as Lewis wins its 41pts. worst case max splits mercedes could be 44pts. then Belgium becomes has to win as lewis would have 2 dnfs in hand. & lewis i believe has only failed to score twice in his mercedes career so likely bottas would have to beat Lewis in 7 of the next 10 potential races
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shall i vote this GP 0 now or on sunday after ive watched it

i had this spot late Wednesday night although its not hardest to predict. as Spanish GP is never entertaining. Monaco gets a bad wrap id rather watch around the principality than Catalunya quicker they leave the better for us all. as put on the poll very thankful for McLaren Ferrari Renault battles in mid race. otherwise we wouldve had 66 laps of nothing. the top 3 battle was non existent.

Bottas dreadful start couldn't anywhere near verstappen. barring some incredible unreliability i dont see Lewis Hamilton isnt a 7 time world champion by Christmas. i called Spanish GP "must win" for bottas. Belgian GP is "has to win" because 51pts would be insurmountable. if only we had max instead of bottas we couldve had an epic year
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Bad as this was, I get a lot of pleasure from watching Ferraris struggling to fend off Italy's other team.

Albon out!
Albon couldn’t even get past Seb Vettels Ferrari who was on 36 lap soft tyres at the end.Unless there is a safety car at 3/4 race distance Alex Albon has never been near the front at all. Bring back Gasly.
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