Flavio Briatore


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Being a "professional" Australian, as if this makes him some sort of better human being than from any other country. Aussie Grit my arse. Pretending he was a better driver than he was. You were, are and always will be a No. 2 Mark. Not having much of a personality but pretending that "being an Aussie" was enough to get by. Those awful, toe curling podium interviews where he pretended he was interested but really, very obviously, couldn't give a crap. Being a worse driver than David Coulthard. Staying in F1 too long when so many other, younger drivers deserved an opportunity.

There's plenty more but will this suffice as a start?


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Heheh FB I never had quite the regard for Webber as some seemed to, but you've taken it to another level.

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The people from whom I buy my vegetables have diametrically opposing view to yours FB regarding Webber. But then they only chat with him when their paths cross.


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When he could live in all that lovely Australian sunshine. There’s no accounting for some things.
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